How to Enhance the Value of Your Home by Timber Floor Sanding in Sydney

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We all wish to have a home that is a sight to behold. You will get many ideas of increasing your home’s value by timber floor sanding in Sydney. But how to implement a pragmatic approach would require some serious thinking. You may create a more open feel for your living areas by adjusting your existing floor plan. It can be exhausting when your efforts don’t seem to be making an impact, you have run out of funds, you are struggling to find motivation and you simply don’t know where to start from.


We are here to help you get yourself out of this rut and hand out the benefits of an open plan design. Rest assured, your family will relish more open space around the most used rooms in your home. You will notice how your home’s look and feel will correlate with today’s contemporary home design trends. You can expect a definite increase in the value of any property incorporating this concept. In order to go about it what you need to do is:

  • Remove walls segmenting your living, kitchen & family rooms. You will require assistance of a builder as some walls may be load bearing.
  • Renew or revive your current kitchen. This can involve getting new cupboard doors, bench tops or install a new one including adjustment of the cabinetry floor design plan.
  • Update the floor coverings with a view to uniform all living, family & kitchen areas with the same flooring type. You are trying to create an impression that the home was originally built this way.

If you find that you have timber flooring under all of your old coverings, you are quite lucky. The process of blending the previously segmented rooms is relatively straightforward. Have your timber floors polished and sanded. Floor sanding and polishing is an easy way to uniform floors and is a more hygienic and modern alternative to carpets.

It is Time to start off:

  1. Set out a plan for exactly what you are looking to achieve

Before you embark on this thrilling journey, look at your present floor plan, and work out what would best suit your family’s needs. This can be established while you’re living normally in your home and by just being observant of your home’s occupants and their daily routine. Do you feel that they are restricted in terms of choice when carrying out their daily chores and routines? Is your kitchen area functional in terms of the current number of occupants?

  1. It can’t be stressed enough but plan, plan, and plan

Put your goal down on paper. Draft up a floor plan for your new cabinetry and open plan design. Hire the services of a builder to assist with a cost estimate and also to give you a better understanding of your budget options.

  1. Stick to It

Put your plan into action step by step. This form of renovation can accommodate your family still living in your home if it is carried out in stages, and depending on the access points to the bedrooms.

Timber floor sanding in Sydney will definitely bring about a much needed change to your living space. You will find it more refreshing if it is done the right way. Before you start off with any renovation, make sure to set aside an amount of your overall budget. You can look for companies on the Internet for deals and offers.


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