Artwork and Home Staging Basics in Salt Lake

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Certainly, everyone knows the importance of de-personalizing your home staging Salt Lake when it’s on the market. And that means removing the family photos you have hanging on the walls and sitting on shelves and tabletops. But what do you put in its place? And is that the only art you should remove?


Let’s answer the last question first. If you have anything hanging on your walls that is personal, tells the potential buyer too much about you and your family or may be controversial, remove it. That includes diplomas, certificates, awards – anything with the name of a family member. It’s also a good idea to remove religious items you may have hanging. I realize this may be difficult, so do what feels right for you and your family. Just keep in mind you are giving potential buyers personal information that may or may not impact them emotionally.

If you have an amazing art collection, you probably want to pare it down. You don’t want buyers to become so focused on what you have on your walls that they stop seeing the home staging Salt Lake. Choose a few appropriate pieces and hang them where they will draw the potential buyers’ eyes to the features of the house. That may mean a lovely piece above the fireplace. Or perhaps one over the sofa to draw them into space. Then pack the rest away in preparation for the move.

And certainly, if you have any artwork that might be considered controversial by some people, remove it. While it may be beautiful and have a great deal of meaning for you, if it distracts the potential buyers in any way, it takes the emphasis from the house – which is what you are selling.

So what about those blank places left when the artwork has been removed? It’s not always necessary to replace everything you removed when preparing your house for sale. If space feels okay blank, then leave it. The room will have a more open feeling and perhaps even feel larger. But if it’s in a place that’s important to highlight (such as above the fireplace), you definitely want to replace whatever was there. Just keep in mind that wherever and whatever you hang should generally highlight the features of the house or draw the potential buyers’ eyes to those features. Be sure not to over decorate – let the buyer envision their things hanging on your walls!


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