Why Buy Lapel Microphone? Simple Better Sounds Quality?

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The quality of a microphone is the most distinctive feature there is about a microphone. This is what differentiates it from other microphones. The certainty that you capture a clearly distinct recording, for events such as interviews or conferences, it’s highly recommended to use a high-quality microphone. If your purpose is to buy a microphone that would lead to easier transcription, the only way to bring ease to yourself is to buy lapel microphone. A good quality external microphone will greatly amplify the sound to a point where they are completely audible thus, allowing you to speed the up the transcription process.

buy lapel microphone

Following are the scenarios where a lapel microphone would do justice over a built-in one:

  • Interview: The background noise of the cameras and the rustling can be altered if recorded through a lapel microphone. The professional quality of these microphones enables the avoidance of noise, through noise reduction which isn’t really reduction as it completely removes the sound of air while you speak. You’ll have to try to avoid any noise that is near the built-in microphone that includes any kind of glasses or crockery. Refreshments are quite the mainstream in interview or meetings.
  • Focus groups, conferences or meetings: as these events are likely to involve many participants, there is more likely to be higher background noise, a built-in microphone would ruin the recording as it does not support noise reduction, it can’t, the lapel microphone has a foam over it to reduce the air noise and the echoes to deliver the words as clearly as it possibly can.
  • Built-in microphones for group recording are the worst case scenarios as the microphone is constantly being pushed from person to person, this leads to scraping noise in the background. You’ll only lose audibility and it would affect the speech of the people talking about it. A 3.5mm jack can be fitted into any device capable of it and that is, in fact, every mobile device in the world.
  • For conferences: Using a built-in microphone of the device, you’ll have to turn everyone’s microphone off to make yours’ sound clearer. This would result in a lot of inconveniences. A lapel microphone would save the day as doesn’t accept audio from different routes as long as there is no one actually speaking. You can just talk with ease without the hassle of noise in your debate.

Lastly, you can spend on a very expensive recording equipment but still ruin your chances of not making a good audio by not simply using a good quality recorder. Buying a lapel microphone will make the biggest difference to your recording being audible and easily transcribed, or barely audible and impossible to transcribe.


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