Pros and cons of an overseas data roaming service

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data-roaming overseas

It can be easier to communicate with your loved ones during your international trips if you carry your mobile phone with you. As the percentage of international passengers has increased, it also increased the demand for using overseas data roaming services, so it can be conveniently possible to communicate with your loved ones back home.

As a well-known and convenient solution is to take roaming services. It allows travelers to make and receive calls while travelling. A number of travelers have been using these services for their international trips, but it has certain pros and cons as well. Listed below are the pros and cons for your convenience that will help you in making the right decision.

Here are some of the advantages of using data roaming overseas services are:

  • You can use your local mobile number during your international trip.
  • There is no such requirement to activate or deactivate this service.
  • You can share your latest social updates by using overseas data services.
  • You can opt for postpaid or prepaid connection as per your suitability.
  • The destination network will be selected automatically


Listed below are some of the shortcomings of using overseas roaming services. Some of them are listed below:

  • You have to buy a new phone if your current phone is not well-suited to the destination network.
  • You have to manually select the network if you want to stay on a single network.
  • There will be no facility to monitor and check the data usage online.
  • There will be no caller id facility.
  • You will not be able to check your SIM card history.
  • You will get limited access to customer care service.
  • And the incoming calls will also be chargeable.

Apart from the above-mentioned shortcomings, there are huge charges involved in overseas data roaming service. The reason is quite simple, the destination network sends a signal to the homeland network. The whole procedure incurs on your local mobile number. Therefore, it is great to keep your local number activated during your international trip but you should be ready to accept huge payments.

If you are considering to stay away from your local mobile number for a small number of days, you can also opt for a substitute to a roaming service. There are economical international SIM cards accessible that guarantees strong network signals and connectivity.

As the phone is one of the most vital devices, you should have it with you always during your travel. One can simply stay connected, quickly do a search, or talk through the Internet with their family. If you are planning to travel abroad with your phone, it is advisable to get in touch with the provider of roaming service and get to know the charges before you fly off.

If you do not want to bear huge cell phone bill at the end of the month, you can turn off your roaming service and cellular data. Put your cell phone on airplane mode and use the public WiFi. Make sure to write down your personal and important information and contacts in a diary or save it on another device. If in case you lose your cell phone abroad by mistake, you can get in touch with the service provider and can block calls services.

As you are busy in the preparation for your overseas trip, you should make preparations in advance so you can get pre-activated SIM cards for your international trip.

Don’t forget to keep a charger and other important things while traveling. Data roaming overseas service is a boon for travelers. So take advantage of this service and keep your loved ones updated with your schedule. Bon, voyage!


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