Tree Lopping Practices That Should Be Avoided

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Tree Pruning in Sydney is not merely a maintenance procedure. If it is done the right way, it can very much improve the health of your trees by removing the branches that were either dead or weak. By removing the unwanted the branches, the structure is also greatly improved. Hazards like tree failure or low hanging of branches can be avoided if care is taken. Even in the case of fruit trees, lopping actually makes the crop better in terms of size, quality and quantity.


Tree cutting actually sounds easy and looks like something anyone could do. In reality, it is not as simple as getting a cutting tool and start cutting away the branches. It is an art and has to be done right. If you do not know the proper technique for completing the task, then you could ruin the tree. Not only that but not knowing the effective use of tools will result in you hurting yourself. An expert gardener or a tree care service will know the appropriate methods of getting the job done efficiently. They are very speedy in their work and save you a lot of time and energy.

But for those who still insist on doing this task themselves, here are some mistakes that you could watch out for when lopping trees.

  • Usage of dull or worn-out tools

Using dull tools will not only make the task difficult but will also make it more tedious than it has to be. Worn out tools make the cutting look jagged and rough rather than a smooth cut. You need to make sure that you purchase new tools before starting. If you feel that you cannot buy new tools then consider getting your existing tools sharpened.

  • Ignoring safety measures

Tree trimming experts say that one should not start cutting branches while standing on a ladder. It is dangerous and always carries the risk of an accident. If the tree branches are too high and you cannot trim while standing on the ground, then consider asking a professional service for help. People often make the mistake of climbing trees with their cutting tools in their hands. The right way is to get someone to hand your tools to you once you are high up the tree. Also, wear your safety equipment like hard hats and goggles for protection of the head and eyes.

  • Trimming in bad weather

Tree pruning in Sydney should be done on a day when the weather conditions are mild and calm. Tree care services do not prefer to work in bad weather and that only means that neither should you. If there are strong winds blowing, then chances are that you could seriously hurt yourself.

  • Clearing the area where you are doing the work

It is important that when you are trimming branches, clear the area of anyone that is not supposed to be there. They could get hit by the falling branches and could get hurt. These falling branches may not sound like much but when the person below gets hit, it could be a fatal injury. Warn the people below to move away or put up a sign a few meters away from where you are working. If other people have to be present in the same area, make sure they are at a safe distance.

  • Overdoing it

Many people who do not have much experience trimming trees tend to cut all the branches or almost all of them. This is bad for the trees since they need time to grow more branches and heal. Especially in the case of older trees, uselessly cutting away branches will cause more harm than good since they need more time to recover.


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